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Paleo. Keto. Flexitarian. Whole30. With hundreds of diet and nutrition options, finding the right fit can be complicated. That’s where registered dietitian Lindsey McCoy with Crave Nutrition, RD comes in.


It’s a busy Labor Day weekend in Sheridan County. Lines of pickups and SUVs snake their way through the quaint, bustling downtown or toward the nearby Bighorn Mountains under a blue blanket of sky. While it’s not surprising to see the area packed on the last weekend of summer, what’s notable…


Wyoming manufacturers are using creative adaptation to weather the COVID-19 economic downturn. While some businesses had no choice but to shut down and absorb inevitable losses, a lucky few were situated in industries that invited them to stay afloat while serving society.

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PINEDALE — Signed, sealed and delivered, following a special meeting on Oct. 9, Pinedale Council members voted unanimously to accept a $175,000 settlement against a former Pinedale lab and its future owners in exchange for their silence.