range companies

The Range Companies, consisting of Range, ACT, RT Communications, and DTE are committed to not only keeping our communities connected during this ever fluid situation, but by providing additional connectivity to those that are most important to us right now, our frontline healthcare workers and educators around the state.

Through partnerships and collaboration with local health officials, ACT in Sheridan, WY was able to provide gigabit connectivity at no extra cost to Sheridan Memorial Hospital for their drive through testing center. The network was up in less than a day and was also extended to another location for the Hospital Administration. In Worland, RT communications was able to leverage an existing free Wi-Fi network and dedicate it for the Public Nurse. These partnerships help healthcare workers respond quicker and isolate COVID-19 testing to separate locations in Sheridan and Worland.

Not only are healthcare workers essential for getting through this pandemic, but so are educators. Through partnerships with local administration officials in our communities, the Range, RT Communications, and DTE have been able to upgrade or provide free broadband to over 270 homes. This allows students to continue their education at home, while teachers can conduct learning over online resources. Broadband is essential for all remote work and the Range Companies are proud to partner with healthcare and education administrators to flatten the curve. Stay strong Wyoming!

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