The Ray Lovato Recycling Center

The Ray Lovato Recycling Center is looking for volunteers to decrease its load. For a list of recyclable items the center accepts, go to

ROCK SPRINGS — The Sweetwater County Solid Waste District No. 1 board voted to grant the Ray Lovato Recycling Center the additional funds it has said it needs to remain open through fiscal year 2019-20.

Ray Lovato Recycling Center Board President Devon Brubaker thanked the board for its partnership with the center “and willingness to make this happen.”

“Hopefully we’ve come a long way” and the relationship going forward is productive and “fruitful for everyone else,” he said.

Waste District Board Chairman Randy Foster and board members Larissa Apel and Virginia Bodyfelt voted in favor of allocating the money at its monthly meeting Monday. R.J. Pieper and Tim Sheehan were absent. The decision came after they amended its 2019-20 budget to increase the amount from $60,000 to the $95,000 the center requested.

“Awesome, we’re moving forward,” Apel said.

Brubaker said he will create an memorandum of understanding, or an agreement, no later than Friday for the board to consider regarding the terms for the payment. The board stated it will look at the MOU once its completed at its next meeting, which is scheduled for the second Monday in a month, and agrees to the terms it could give him the full $95,000.

Sweetwater Solid Waste Manager Kevin Herman suggested the board cut the recycling center a one-time check in order to prevent a future “fiasco” so “we don’t have finger-pointing and name calling” like in the past.

The recycling center and the City of Rock Springs agreed to an MOU the City Council approved at its July 2 meeting, in which the city would give the center $95,000 in exchange for Ray Lovato providing services to the community.

Brubaker has said the center needed about $189,000 for operating expenses for a full year in order to remain open.

The center suffered a net loss of about $39,211 in fiscal year 2018-19, their revenues were $199,353 while expenditures were around $238,564.

With the Solid Waste District’s decision Monday, he said the center can continue to focus on applying for grants and look for donations, and not have to constantly worried if it can keep its doors open on a monthly basis.

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