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U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced this week that the Federal Aviation Administration will award an additional $972 million in Airport Improvement Program 622 grants, of which $10.4 million will be awarded to eight airports and to the state of Wyoming.

This is in addition to $9.5 million awarded to 10 airports in Wyoming on June 5.

The grant funding will be administered by the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s Aeronautics Division.

The U.S. transportation infrastructure, with its 3,332 airports and 5,000 paved runways as an essential component, increases the country’s competitiveness and improves the traveling public’s quality of life.

In addition to administering the funding, WYDOT’s Aeronautics Division represents and advocates for projects for local governments. The Aeronautics Division is also involved with the planning and engineering of these projects.

All of the projects put forward in the planning phase are approved by the Wyoming Aeronautics Commission through the Aeronautics Division’s Wyoming Aviation Capital Improvement Program. Projects are thoroughly vetted, and all necessary information has been coordinated before grant applications are made.

The FAA typically awards between $30 million and $35 million to Wyoming airports each year. The state gives an average of $8.5 million yearly to match federal and/or local funds for airport development.

Among the grant awards announced are the following projects at Wyoming airports:

  • Johnson County Airport – $429,129 to procure snow removal equipment;
  • North Big Horn County Airport – $149,400 to improve drainage and install airport beacons;
  • Dixon Airport – $350,000 to rehabilitate a runway;
  • Converse County Airport – $600,000 to install NAVAIDS and reconstruct runway lighting;
  • Jackson Hole Airport – $2,556,642 to rehabilitate an access road;
  • Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport – $5,075,000 to install NAVAIDS and reconstruct a taxiway and taxiway and runway lighting;
  • Torrington Municipal Airport – $522,000 to rehabilitate a runway; and
  • The State of Wyoming – $500,000 to update the statewide aviation economic impact study.

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