Chugwater Chili

The Chugwater Chili Crew: Justin Gentle, Dana, Barb and Karen Guidice.

Chugwater, Wyoming is the first town in the State of Wyoming offering broadband to every household and business in the town.  Mountain West Telephone out of Casper, Wyoming provided broadband service to Chugwater Telephone where Chugwater Telephone provided the fiber service to all of the businesses and residences in Chugwater.  Mountain West Telephone is also bringing fiber into Torrington, Wyoming, one of the most underserved communities in the State.  

The first business to hook up to broadband in Chugwater was Chugwater Chili Corporation.  Justin Gentle and Karen Guidice, owners of Chugwater Chili are excited about the new opportunities with Broadband. 

Gentle stated that the Reliable and speed internet is critical, Gentle said, especially this time of year with the number of internet orders that are be mailed every day.  On the day before they hooked up to broadband, Gentle explained, they were downloading at 0 .5 mbps speeds.  Broadband now offers 50-10 mbps service to Chugwater Chili Corporation.  100-20 is also available.  

Guidice, who is also the President of Chugwater Economic Development,  understands the potential for their small community and the advantages it could have promoting businesses in Chugwater.   

Jan Warren, manager of Mountain West said they were working hard to get the broadband service to Torrington, saying they have had to overcome numerous obstacles to date.     

 “We are [ecstatic about having] more options that are affordable, reliable and redundant for our community, added Ashley Harpstreith, Executive Director of Goshen County Economic Development.

 “We are excited for the opportunity for small towns,” Jim Moberly, President of Mountain West Telephone said.  “We plan to provide other smaller towns with broadband, including Torrington.”  Expected date for completion for service to Torrington is January 2019 at the latest.

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