Solid Waste worker Charles Hoyt takes contaminants out of a pile of recently collected city recyclables as he gets ready to push the pile towards the baler Tuesday morning. The city’s recycling program has seen contamination fees almost double from the company that processes the city’s recyclables after they’re baled and shipped to Denver. JORDAN ACHS/Boomerang staff

OCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs City Council will listen to airport and Abandoned Mine Land presentations and consider taking action on an airport grant.

AML Program Manager Dave Pendleton will talk about the consent process for exploration and grouting, and then Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport Director Devon Brubaker will address the federal government’s allocation for work on its taxiway and what the city’s role would be in contributing its share of the costs. The council will later consider a grant agreement with the airport and Federal Aviation Administration regarding the work.

On June 24, the FAA awarded $495 million in airport infrastructure projects, the second allotment of $3.18 billion in Airport Improvement Program funding. Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport is selected to receive about $5.1 million to go toward work on its taxiway. The amount represents 93.75% of the project costs. The remaining funds will include $204,000, or 3.75%, from the Wyoming Department of Transportation; and $136,000, or 2.5%, from local sources, according to the airport.

Along with the grant, the city will also consider a resolution to provide $95,000 to the Ray Lovato Recycling Center for operating experiences. Rock Springs adopted its fiscal year 2019-20 budget, which includes $189,000 so the recycling center can stay open.

The $95,000 is part of that budgeted amount. The City Council wanted to make sure it budgeted enough in case other funding sources fell through. The budget will be re-examined once the cash carry-over is calculated, City Director of Administrative Services Matt McBurnett said.

The $95,000 will be used for operating expenses. The other $95,000 is scheduled to be covered by the Sweetwater County Solid Waste Disposal District No. 1 if it approves it at the July 8 budget meeting, said Brubaker, who is also the recycling center board president.

Brubaker said any additional needs, including capital projects, will be handled on a case by case basis by the city and waste district.

If adopted, the contract would be retroactively applied Monday and run through June 30, 2020.

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