Rawlins Summerfest

Downtown Rawlins packed with people during Summerfest in 2017. (File photo, Rawlins Times)

RAWLINS – As summer’s heat continues to crank up, this year’s Summerfest is nearly upon us.

This year’s festivities are expected to bring more than 3,000 people to downtown Rawlins to see the two-day celebration. This number is subject to change in either direction, as the many activities of summer can make any prediction unreliable.

“It’s hard to say, it is summer after all,” said Angelina Iacovetto, coordinator for the Downtown Development Authority.

Despite the unpredictable nature of summer attendance, the event still stands as one of the largest held in the city.

“Summerfest is our biggest downtown summer event,” said Iacavetto.

The first events begin with Friday night’s “Block Party,” starting at 5 p.m. with reenactments and a slide show of the women of Carbon County to celebrate the 150th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Wyoming. The first day will also display the city’s quilting prowess with a show.

A concert is also planned at the Depot Park, with the Wyoming Frontier Prison also offering “haunted night tours” at 9 p.m. by reservation.

The second day plans to offer entertainment from dawn til dusk, beginning at 9 a.m. Throughout the entire day, vendors, the quilt show, a bouncy house, the car & bike show, and various activity booths will be available for public viewing and use.

According to Iacavetto, this year’s major points of interest are the Kidpreneurs vendor fair, the car & bike show, and the old west best dressed contest, though she stressed that all of this year’s upcoming events will be excellent.

Iacavetto stated she hopes the quilt show will show off Rawlins’ prowess and passion for the event. According to Iacavetto, the quilts will not be judged, rather it will simply display Rawlins’ hard work and those that take the time to make them. Further, Iacavetto stated those interested in selling their quilts can use the show as a display opportunity, with the registration paperwork including questions for those interested.

DDA will accept submissions on Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., but late drop offs can be arranged if necessary.

The Kidpreneurs vendor fair allows local youth to start their entrepreneurial careers early, by giving them a dedicated vendors fair to display their wares. According to Iacavetto, businesses have ranged from lemonade stands, to bake sales, to jewelry making, all of which have been done by the children themselves. Iacavetto stated the rules do not allow parents to serve in any role other than assistants in their children’s business.

This year will also see the car & bike show, an expanded version of last year’s car show. According to Iacavetto, the show has expanded to include five categories and eight classes, with classic cars, classic trucks, classic motorcycles, custom motorcycles, rat rods, and special interest being the categories. The last class can include everything from boats to scooters for those willing to register their vehicles.

This year will also see an old west best-dressed contest to judge those who show up on Saturday on their authenticity to the past. The contest will be divided into an adult and kids category with onlookers serving as judges of authenticity. The event will be missing one key element so closely associated with the Old West: the gun.

“Leave your six-shooters at home,” said Iacavetto.

Registration for the event must be done in costume on Saturday from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m., with final judgments being handed down at 2 p.m.

Some of further highlights include a cornhole tournament at 10 a.m., a pedal car derby at 11 a.m. hosted by the local chapter of the DeMolay, the Rawlins Fire Department demonstrate their burn trailer at noon, the Yellow Designs BMX Stunt Team perform at 9:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 3:15 p.m., an ice cream eating contest at 2:30 p.m. Finally, the fire truck water spray will begin at 3:45 p.m., with the last event of the day being a teen dance at Babbette’s Studio.

“We’ve got great stuff going on this year,” concluded Iacavetto.

For a full schedule of events and more information, interested parties should check the DDA website at rawlinsmainstreet.org, or call at 307-328-2099.

For those interested in the haunted tours, call 307-324-4422.

For those interested in register for any events, Iacavetto and the Downtown Development Authority is the place to contact at 307-328-2099.

For more news from the Rawlins Times, visit https://www.rawlinstimes.com/.

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