Sweetwater Events Complex

The Sweetwater Events Complex may relocate its motocross tracks from behind the horse stalls near U.S. Highway 191 to between the grandstands and Greene’s Energy Services inside its facilities. The complex is expected to receive a first draft of the plan soon. Rocket-Miner Photo/Gregory R.C. Hasman

ROCK SPRINGS — The Sweetwater Events Complex is looking at building a new 18-acre motocross track.

The current track sits on 15 acres near U.S. Highway 191 past the horse stalls and next to the BMX track. The new location would sit between the grandstands and Greene’s Energy Services Inc. inside the complex off Yellowstone Road.

Rock Springs Motocross Association President Stephanie Sweets said it could be a good thing because the existing track needs a lot of updates.

If plans proceed, the track could have an updated water system for dust control, ample parking with lights available in the grandstands parking lot, a new score and announcers tower, a new sound system, and an improved drainage system. It would also allow for a lighted track, Events Complex Marketing and Events Manager Kandi Pendleton said.

“If it happens we would be happy,” Sweets said. “If it doesn’t we’re good at where we’re at too.”

The proposed location would increase the track’s visibility and reduce conflicts with other events, according to Pendleton.

“Scheduling is difficult with the current location because we have to work around other events that utilize the Boar’s Tusk campground, the horse stalls and the Jackpot Arena,” she added.

Rock Springs Motocross hosts monthly indoor races from November to March and three outdoor racing weekends during the summer. Sweets said conflicts with other events bring challenges to its summer season, such as having to shutdown or are not booking an event.

Pendleton said the proposed location at the front of the property, inside the grandstand entrance, would eliminate a majority of conflicts and allow the Events Complex to run motocross events, recreational vehicle rallies and horse events simultaneously.

Sweets said it would allow more people to see the track, and since the club does not have a fee, the new location could bring in more people and allow it to host more races.


A professional motocross track design company is working on the track schematics. The Events Complex is scheduled to have an initial draft by June 15, according to Pendleton.

“At that point we’ll get additional input and feedback from the motocross club and other users to design the track,” she said. “We have to have a final design and cost estimate by early fall.”

“We want to do it right,” she added. “We want to do it right once.”

Pendleton said work would ideally start in the fall with the track being ready for summer 2020, but there is no timeline because the complex has yet to receive cost estimates, and it depends on how much the weather cooperates in the fall, winter and spring.

She added that once they go through the schematics and get the club’s input, then the Events Complex would figure out where funding for the project would come from.

Sweets said she has not been told much other than the idea of relocating the track and will get a chance to look at the plan’s layout, but is still waiting on cost estimates.

“It’s kind of a waiting game right now,” she said. “I’m not getting my hopes up, but I would love it. We want it to be a positive thing, not something negative for the community.”

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