CODY — Due to a temporary shortage of influenza vaccines from its supplier, Park County Public Health has postponed a couple of community flu clinics.

“We’re not getting vaccine when we thought we would,” said Bill Crampton, public health nurse, last Friday.

Over the past three years Park County Public Health has returned leftover flu vaccines.

Referencing the 2018-2019 season, Crampton said the county used all but 100 of 2,000 doses on hand.

“This year it looks like we’re going to run out,” he said.

Sanofi Pasteur, a French drugmaker, is spreading out shipments of the three vaccines public health stocks much farther apart than usual, he said. The next shipment is expected to arrive on Friday.

“At the same time … this may be a worse than normal flu season,” Crampton said. “Suddenly we’re running up against a wall because shipping is not meeting demand, so we’re running low.”

Some community clinics such as one Oct. 9 at the Cody Auditorium have already been completed.

An Oct. 11 clinic in Clark has been rescheduled to the next week and Crampton has asked Powell volunteer firemen to go to public health’s Powell office individually.

There’s not enough vaccine this fall to vaccinate the firefighters as a group, he said.

“Nobody will get cut off,” Crampton said. “We’re just rescheduling things to meet the demand we’ve already had scheduled.”

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