Eve's restaurant Rock Springs

Eve's co-owner Eve Piza stirs up carrot mash that will be served with pork chops when the restaurant opens. Gregory R.C. Hasman/Rocket-Miner

ROCK SPRINGS – A new restaurant at White Mountain Golf Course is scheduled to open soon. Eve’s is leasing the space from the city of Rock Springs that was formerly occupied by the 9 Iron Italian Grill.

The location is special to a lot of people who have ties to the space, co-owner Eve Piza said. She has always wanted to have her own restaurant. She has worked in the industry for over 20 years in places like Boston and Portland, Oregon. She was recently Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County’s executive chef.

She is currently working to get everything ready, which includes training staff, and hopes to open by June 1.

As for the restaurant, Piza said Eve’s will offer food in a great setting where people can come in, relax and enjoy a special meal.

The restaurant will offer lunches, including a tuna melt comprised of tuna salad, pickled green tomatoes, marinated red onions, Swiss cheese on sourdough bread; and dinners like a pork chop dish that is comprised of carrot mash, mustard greens and orange marmalade.

She said she has been making pickles for about a month and recently started preparing pastrami as part of a “House Reuben” lunch that also consists of sauerkraut, thousand island dressing and Gruyere cheese on rye bread.

It’s eclectic American good. None of it is totally different or scary. “It’s just fun food,” she said.

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