Invasive vegetation

Black Henbane near the Bureau of Land Management Kemmerer Field Office is an example of invasive vegetation. 

PINEDALE — The Bureau of Land Management Pinedale Field Office will be accepting public comment on the issue of invasive vegetation management within its administrative boundary until Jan. 27.

The BLM is proposing a project to reduce the establishment and spread of invasive vegetative species by allowing treatments on a landscape scale and providing specific management direction for treating invasive vegetative species within Wilderness Study Areas.

Preparation of an environmental assessment is planned using previous direction from environmental impact statements and assessments to more specifically address lands managed by BLM Pinedale. This environmental assessment will also analyze the potential effects of vegetation treatments within the Lake Mountain and Scab Creek Wilderness Study Areas.

Invasive plants are defined by the BLM as non-native plants whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health. They compromise the ability to manage BLM lands for a healthy native ecosystem and can create environmental and other effects, most of which are harmful to native ecosystem processes. This includes: displacement of native plants; reduction in functionality of habitat and forage for wildlife and livestock; increased potential for soil erosion and reduced water quality; alteration of physical and biological properties of soil; loss of long-term riparian area function; loss of habitat for culturally significant plants; high cost of controlling invasive plants; and increased cost to maintain transportation systems and recreational sites.

The BLM's two-week public scoping period is designed to solicit input on the issues, impacts, and potential alternatives which could be addressed in the environmental assessment documents. The scoping period will end Jan. 27, 2020. Comments about the proposed project can be emailed to or mailed to: BLM Pinedale Field Office; Attn: Liz Dailey, Project Lead; P.O. Box 768; Pinedale, Wyoming; 82941.

People submitting comments should be aware that information including addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or other personal information in comments along with entire comments, including any personal information, may be publicly available at any time. People may request that the BLM withhold personal information from public review, but the BLM cannot guarantee the ability to do so. For more information, contact Liz Dailey at (307) 367-5300.

Previous environment impact statements and environmental assessments concerning invasive vegetation are available at the website  

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