G. Thomas Esmay

G. Thomas Esmay, director of business development for SingularDTV  at the WyoHackathon 

When you get blockchain developers from as far away as India, sponsors and judges representing billionaire success stories, and nearly $110,000 in prizes, it’s not surprising that the 2018 WyoHackathon featured some innovative products and services that could benefit Wyoming.

The WyoHackathon also brought companies to the state that might have never thought about coming to Wyoming and discovering the leadership and supportive environment for blockchain and related technology development.

“The WyoHackathon was a learning experience for us,” said G. Thomas Esmay, director of business development for SingularDTV.

Esmay said SingularDTV is developing a unique token structure that includes smart contracts and monetization for film, television and music artists to control their intellectual property, based on the Ethereum platform. The WyoHackathon provided an opportunity for SingularDTV to have developers create decentralized applications to enhance their product and learn about ways to build new applications of their own, he said.

The WyoHackathon also gave the company insight in how blockchain regulation could be structured nationally, he said.

“There needs to be a clear, legal responsible pathway forward for using blockchain,” Esmay said. “This hackathon is important in that it wasn’t just about development, but also in learning how to work with lawmakers and policy makers to make real change.”

He said while the past and ongoing work Wyoming has done with blockchain is “tremendous,” it isn’t enough if other states don’t follow its lead.

“What Wyoming has done is great, but if it only applies to Wyoming, there are limits to the benefits,” Esmay said. “My hope is that Wyoming will lead the way so that policies developed here lead the way nationwide.”

SingularDTV was one of several sponsors that provided challenges to developers at WyoHackathon. For more information about the event and details about the winners, visit  https://www.wyohackathon.io/.

WyoHackathon winners:

  • First Place, $12,000 (Sponsor - University of Wyoming) - Token Subscription Team
  • Second Place, $8,000 (Sponsor - University of Wyoming) - Peregrine Team
  • Third Place, $4,000 (Sponsor - University of Wyoming) - WyoFlow Team
  • Most Creative, $1,000 (Sponsor - University of Wyoming) - Cowgirl Technologies Team
  • Audience Favorite, $1,000 (Sponsor - University of Wyoming) - Rawhide Team
  • Best Use of Technology, $1,000 (Sponsor - University of Wyoming) - Topicless Team
  • ConsenSys Challenge, 3 ETH - Etherize.it Team
  • SingularDTV Challenge, Up to $5,000 Music Festival Tickets - Top 100 Musician Billboard Team
  • Best for Wyoming Challenge, $9,375 each (Sponsors - Caitlin Long, University of Wyoming, Visceral Art, Wyoming Technology Business Center, JAM Escrow) - Rawhide Team, Electronic Corporate Formation Portal Team
  • Bullpay Challenge, 3 ETH - Pokkit Team
  • DECENT Challenge, 10,000 DCT each - Trustin.Me Team, Shoshoni Team (Plus DECENT engineers will mentor this Shoshoni HS team), JAJNTT Team (Plus DECENT engineers will mentor this Laramie HS team)       
  • MakerDAO Challenge, 500 DAI each - Token Subscription Team, Peregrine Team, WyoFlow Team, Trustin.Me Team, Rawhide Team, Electronic Corporate Formation Portal Team, Topicless Team, Undertaker & Petrix Team
  • MetaX Challenge, 2 ETH & Ledger Blue - Municipal Bonds on the Blockchain Team
  • Best Government Blockchain Solution Challenge, 4 Passes to Government Blockchain Summit - Trustin.Me Team
  • EOS Tribe Challenge, $2,000 -  EOS EasyAccount Team
  • ShapeShift Challenge, KeepKey Hardware Wallet -  Peregrine Team, Electronic Corporate Formation Portal Team, Undertaker & Petrix Team, WYO.LLC Team
  • ActiveAether Challenge, 10,000 FogCoin each -  Electronic Corporate Formation Portal Team, WyoMesh Team
  • Green House Data Prize, Oculus Rift -  Shoshoni Team

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