The bid process to start work on the Bi-Rite building in Rawlins is closing in for Memorial Hospital of Carbon County officials. The building will be rendered into a new clinic.

RAWLINS — Construction work on the Bi-Rite building could begin as soon as Nov.15.

Memorial Hospital of Carbon County hopes to enter the Bi-rite bidding process the second week of next month.

L.M. Olsen INC manager Gary Olsen told the hospital board they plan to take bids from subcontractors directly for bid packages. Bid packages are descriptions of work broken up to for the best of the project.

“It gives us the ability to involve local contractors if they want to be involved,” Olsen said. “We will recruit subcontractors and make sure there is an interest in this project.”

The company has a budget of about $1.9 million, and expects the bidding processes to finish Oct. 30.

The final drawings for the building permit are expected to be submitted to the state fire marshal’s office next week. Rawlins’ buildings department will also review the drawings for code compliances.

“Once we receive those comments, then we will go ahead and make some additions and corrections to the drawings so that we are all on board,” Olsen said. “Then, we will be ready to go once the bids are finally in.”

While most of the work will take place inside, Olsen said construction workers will need to strip the exterior skin and replace it. The workers will also need to update the west side parking lot. The hospital will not have to worry about completing the parking lot this fall due to a temporary certificate of occupancy.

“We’re still resolving some design issues on the west parking lot,” he said. “ But we have submitted a formal request to the city to ask them to consider granting us a certificate of occupancy to the building without the parking lot complete.”

The hospital anticipates a March-April competition date and will move in thereafter.

Previously reported by the Daily Times, the new clinic, which is about 7,300 sq. ft., will provide up to six practitioners and will house an assortment of about 12 exam, lab and X-ray rooms. In addition, parking will include about 35 spaces, with handicap ramps leading to the front door.

Current board secretary Rod Waeckerlin has owned the Bi-Rite property since 1998. To squash any notions of conflict of interest, in June Waeckerlin told the Daily Times that he recused himself from all negotiations.

Hospital and city attorneys confirmed later confirmed earlier this year that Waeckerlin fell within legal confines by abstaining from negotiations.

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