Kurt Bucholz Conservation Award

The Kurt Bucholz Conservation Award designed by Wyoming artist Jerry Palen.

CHEYENNE — Kermit Brown of Laramie is the recipient of the 2018 Kurt Bucholz Conservation Award from the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust (WSGLT). Brown is being recognized for his exceptional support of agricultural land conservation, property rights, and water rights.

The WSGLT said Brown has been an ardent supporter of conservation and agriculture in Wyoming throughout his career as an attorney in Laramie and as a former Republican member of the Wyoming House of Representatives where he served as the House Majority Leader and Speaker of the House.

The Bucholz Conservation Award is given in memory of the late Dr. Kurt Bucholz DVM, rancher from Carbon County, and early supporter of the WSGLT. The Bucholz Award winner encompasses the values and stewardship goals that Kurt exemplified in his life. Kurt had a unique understanding of water and land issues and worked to protect the historic water rights that are fundamental to the North Platte Valley. 

“I am honored and deeply humbled to receive this award,” Brown said. “Dr. Bucholz’ vision for Wyoming should be a model for everyone to consider.  He loved open spaces and untrammeled landscapes where agriculture could quietly coexist with nature and wildlife free of the clutter and chaos of human development.  I appreciate all the people and especially landowners who love this state and who have helped advance Kurt’s vision.”

Brown’s passion for agriculture began in his youth, working on ranches in the Saratoga area.  He obtained first-hand experience of the important work that is done by Wyoming’s farmers and ranchers and came to understand the pivotal relationship between agriculture and conservation.  Here, he also met and became lifelong friends with Dr. Kurt Bucholz DVM. These experiences impacted his future career choices and helped him become a respected voice and advocate for ranching and conservation.

Brown was one of the three co-sponsors of the Wyoming Uniform Conservation Easement Act and played a part in the creation of the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust, which helps fund conservation and habitat restoration projects throughout the state. These accomplishments the WSGLT said are among many which have qualified Brown to receive the award.

"I look forward to presenting this award to my old friend, Kermit," said Laura Bucholz.  

Brown will be presented with a bronze statue sculpted by the talented Wyoming artist Jerry Palen at the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust’s 17th Annual Barbeque at the Sommers Ranch outside of Pinedale on Aug. 25. Tickets can be purchased by visiting www.WSGALT.org/Events, or by calling 307-772-8751.

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