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Great Lakes traffic down 58% in March

We need the return of the Pioneer*. At least it’s affordable transportation. Greyhound has pulled out. Great Lakes is just too expensive for average Wyoming citizens.

Bring back the Pioneer.

Aviation gets billions every month. Great Lakes get subsidies of $92 million is from “the fed.” Highways gets $100s of billions. Amtrak gets $5 billion for the national service. Where’s the equality of those figures?

Jay Jones

Boy Howdy Ltd.


*Editor’s note: The Pioneer was an all-coach Amtrak train between Seattle and Salt Lake City that began operations in 1977. In 1991 the Pioneer was based in Denver and traversed the Union Pacific’s Overland Route three times a week through Wyoming – which had last seen Amtrak service in 1983. The Pioneer was discontinued in 1997.

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